Use Precautions for HPLC Reversed-Phase Columns

The HPLC reversed-phase column is made of high-purity and high-strength silica gel by using advanced bonding technology. It has a high surface bonding rate and good peak shape for alkaline and acidic compounds. With a high column capacity and long service life, it is the one for the clients at a low cost.

Performance Advantages

The HPLC reversed-phase column could be used in both positive and negative phases. It has a stable high coverage single-bond phase and the fully capped sphere. Also, it possesses low hydrophobicity, due to the presence of cyano groups, there is a unique selectivity provided.

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Precautions For Using Buffer

The first aspect that should also pay attention to while using an HPLC reversed-phase column is to avoid the use of hydrochloride, which is corrosive to steel. Secondly, it prefers to prepare the buffer solution when it is needed. Usually, the buffer solution is the fungus culture solution, which indicates that there would be some strange phenomena if the experiment is conducted in the next day or a long time.

It is necessary to know the pH range in time. During the long term use of buffer solution, it is essential to observe whether there is any precipitation. If there is any white salt precipitated, the 10% nitric acid flushing liquid can be used regularly to avoid blockage.