Tips for HPLC Column Operation

The HPLC column uses the liquid as mobile phase and generalized solid phase as stationary phase for sample separation. Therefore, the following points should be noted in operation:

It is advisable for all analytical samples to adjust the pH value to a suitable range for the HPLC column. Sampling overload should be avoided, which is one of the important methods to maintain the performance of the HPLC column for a long time.

If the manual injector is used for injection, the action should be fast and accurate. When the composition of the analyte is complex, the HPLC column should be protected by a protective column in front of the HPLC column.

At the beginning of each analytical work, the HPLC column should be balanced. The column and pipeline should be exhausted and flushed with aqueous solution containing 10% organic solvent in mobile phase.

The column should be flushed for about 30 minutes. The pure organic solvent in the column should be replaced. Then the column should be balanced by mobile phase with at least 10 times the volume of the column until the baseline equilibrium is reached. Samples can be taken at the rear.