The Choice, Use, and Maintenance of HPLC Column

With the development of society and technology, chromatographic analysis theory has also been developing rapidly. HPLC column has now been widely applied in every field of laboratory analysis. HPLC column gathers function of both detection and separation. With the right choice, use, and maintenance, you can keep good performance of the HPLC column. Otherwise, you will make it scrap fastly.

HPLC is a branch of chromatographic, using high-pressure infusion system to make the single or mixed solution and buffer mobile phase pump into the column with the stationary phase. After each component is separated, the solution can flow into the detector in order to be analyzed. Normally, the great diversity and complex matrix of the sample are key reasons to make HPLC column be easily polluted.

The Choice of HPLC Column

In general, the first thing you have to consider when choosing an HPLC column is the sample’s cleanliness. For most researchers, the most appropriate length of guard column is 2 cm or 3 cm. The length of a guard column, the more chromatographic packings can be filled. Meanwhile, longer guard column can reduce more pollutants and extend the retention time of samples.

The Right Use of HPLC Column

1. Add Guard Column
2. Filter Mobile Phase and Sample
3. Purify Sample
4. Avoid Overhigh Column Pressure
5. Pay Attention to Temperature and PH Level
6. Correct and Timely Wash

The maintenance of the HPLC Column
1. Softly and Moderately Change and Handle the Column
2. Add One Column for Each Analytical Instrument to Extend Service Life
3. Avoid Sudden Change of Temperature and Pressure Causing the Mechanical Shock
4. Generally, Do Not Recoil HPLC Column
5. Do Not Directly Infuse Samples with Complex Matrix into HPLC Column
6. Fill HPLC Column with Acetonitrile or Methanol to Preserve It
7. Wash the Chromatographic Analysis System Timely after Use