Storage And Maintenance For HPLC Column

It is of great importance to keep the good performance of the HPLC column during the use of high-performance liquid chromatography as its core and dispensable component. To reach this goal, two aspects should be noticed carefully.

Storage for HPLC Column
It is necessary to label the HPLC columns, such as the initial date, specification, model, the solutions inside, etc. In this way, it will be more convenient for operators to use and track. The HPLC column is better to be examined every two months, especially for those that are used less frequently. Certainly, each time the maintenance record shall be kept well. For the columns that have indeed failed, it is still essential to make a record of deactivation and store them with caution rather than discarding them carelessly.

Maintenance for HPLC Column
After being used for some time, it is easy for the HPLC column to get contaminated, which will reduce the column efficiency to some extent. There are two appropriate methods to extend their service life. The first method is to conduct the pre-treatment of the samples and the mobile phase.

In order to remove the insoluble matter in the dissolved samples and impurities in the mobile phase, to install a filter in the front end of the mobile phase’s infusion tube is required if necessary. The filter should be periodically cleaned with methanol. Another method is to use a pre-column for the HPLC columns, which could prevent the impurities in the sample from contaminating the analytical column. Due to the large injection volume, it’s also crucial for the preparative column to use a pre-column as well.