Selection And Advantage Of HPLC Columns

Selection of HPLC Columns
Hawach HPLC columns are available with the full range of types and sizes such as standard series C18, Amino Acid, HILIC Amide, CN, C30, Diol, C8/C18 Low pH and Reversed-Phase series and so on.

All these columns are endowed with high column efficiency, low pressure and good corrosion tolerance for longer service time. Some suggestions on the selection of columns are as follows,C18 Alkaline HPLC Columns are fir for separation of alkaloids ingredients from Chinese medicine, C1 HPLC Columns are suitable for separation of proteins samples and hydrophobic polypeptide in reverse phase, Amino Acid HPLC Columns can apply to applications like Bio-pharmaceutical, Proteins, Cell Culture Media, and Feeds and so on.

Advantage of HPLC Columns
HPLC columns manufactured by Hawach Scientific are of some obvious advantages in retention, peak shape, and pressure. Through advanced technology and unique design, Hawach overcomes many pressure problems which are due to blockage in the system or guard, such as plugged packing, plugged frit, and column contamination.

Besides, many peak shape issue caused by column void, partially plugged frit or injection solvent effects are solved, and retention issues such as selectivity changes or retention time changes are also resolved. If you have any questions regarding column quality, or if there are signs of damage, contact us immediately.