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Silica HPLC Column

Flow Rate: 2.0mL/min
Detector: 254nm
Temp.: 30°C
Sample: Facade VD2

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Description of Silica HPLC Column

The Hawach Silica HPLC column(SiO2) uses B-type ultra-pure fully porous spherical silica gel with low acidity and low metal content characteristics.

Silica HPLC Columns can be used for the separation of strongly hydrophilic compounds in a reversed-phase mode with a high organic phase and is particularly suitable for the separation of polar compounds which produce tailing on other company Silica columns.

SiO2 liquid chromatography column is suitable for most normal phase chromatography applications and as a stationary phase for Hilic Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography. It is especially suitable for the separation of polar compounds that cause tailing on other companies’ silica gel columns and can replace most of the silica gel liquid chromatography columns on the market.

Features of Silica HPLC Column

  • Type B ultra-pure, fully porous spherical silica gel with low acidity and low metal content;
  • pH range: 2.0 to 8.0;
  • Excellent batch and batch reproducibility.

Parameters of Silica Liquid Chromatography Column

  • Particle size: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm;
  • Aperture: 120Å;
  • Whether to seal: No;
  • pH stability 2.0~8.0;
  • Specific surface area: 320m²/g.

Routine maintenance

  • Positive phase use;
  • It is recommended to filter the sample and mobile phase before testing;
  • It is recommended to clean the samples in time after completing the samples;
  • After daily use, rinse the mobile phase with 10 to 20 column volumes or 2 times the retention time of the last peak in the experiment.

Column storage

  1. Preservation of the column in a short time:
    If the use interval is not more than four days, store in an organic solvent of the same composition that does not contain acid or alkali.
  2. Preservation of long-term columns:
    After rinsing 20 times column volume with isopropyl alcohol and the mobile phase (n-hexane/isopropanol = 99.5/0.5) indicated in the product quality report, remove it from the HPLC instrument and seal it with a plastic stopper. Store in a cool, dry place to avoid solvent evaporation from the column.

Inverted Use

  • It is recommended to filter the sample and mobile phase before testing;
  • The silica HPLC column is recommended to clean the samples in time after completing the samples;
  • Use buffer conditions: Flush the column with 10 times the column volume using a transitional mobile phase before using the buffer.
  • Conventional mobile phase (without buffer) conditions: can be directly switched to mobile phase detection before use. After the test is completed, rinse 10~20 times column volume with methanol or acetonitrile;
  • Then switch to the mobile phase detection sample. After the detection is completed, it is also necessary to use the transition mobile phase to wash the column 20 times column volume, and then rinse the column 10 to 20 times with methanol or acetonitrile.

Technical Data

Bonded PhaseUSP NoParticle size (μm)Pore sizeSurface Area (m²/g)Carbon
pH RangeEnd-capped

Ordering Information

Item NoDescriptionPackage (pcs/pk)
SLHSI32130HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x30mm1
SLHSI32133HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x33mm1
SLHSI32150HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x50mm1
SLHSI32175HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x75mm1
SLHSI321100HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x100mm1
SLHSI321125HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x125mm1
SLHSI321150HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x150mm1
SLHSI33030HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x30mm1
SLHSI33050HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x50mm1
SLHSI33075HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x75mm1
SLHSI330100HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x100mm1
SLHSI330125HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x125mm1
SLHSI330150HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x150mm1
SLHSI330200HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x200mm1
SLHSI330250HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x250mm1
SLHSI34030HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 4.0x30mm1
SLHSI34050HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 4.0x50mm1
SLHSI34070HPLC Column, SiO2, 3μm, 120Å, 4.0x70mm1
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