HPLC Guard Columns

Protection devices for 3μm, 5μm, and 10μm stationary phases
Provide small volume online filtration function for HPLC


Description of HPLC Guard Columns

The Hawach HPLC Guard Columns is designed for direct connection and can be connected to various chromatographic columns to filter out particulate impurities. This filter has a low dead volume and does not cause excessive column pressure. It is usually used to protect LC/MS HPLC columns. At the same time, it can withstand higher column pressure and is used in HPLC.

Parameters of Guard Column Used in HPLC

Give 3μm, 5μm column direct protection
Simple and fast disassembly
Very cost-effective
Guard column device compatible with various specifications of HPLC columns
Low volume online filtration
It only takes a few seconds to complete online filtering
Will not increase back pressure
Extend the life of HPLC column
Low dead volume
Complete in a few seconds

The HPLC column guard column is provided by Hawach scientific Co., Ltd. If you want to know more about the quotation, model, parameter, and other information of the HPLC column guard column and online filter device, please call or leave a message for consultation. In addition to supplying the HPLC guard column, we can also provide you with other HPLC analytical columns and other products. The company has a professional customer service team and is your trusted partner.

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