HILIC Amide HPLC Column

Detector: RID (40°C)
Temperature: 40°C
Flow Rate: 1.0mL/min
Injection Volume: 20μl

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Description of HILIC Amide Column

The HILIC amide HPLC column adopts a polar modified stationary phase, which enhances the retention capacity of some strongly polar compounds and effectively overcomes the shortcomings of reversed-phase chromatography of poor retention of such compounds. Unlike traditional reversed-phase chromatography columns, HILIC amide columns only require a small amount of water in the mobile phase to retain strongly polar compounds, and the increase in the organic phase is beneficial to improving the detection sensitivity of compounds

The stationary phase of the HILIC amide HPLC column is based on ultra-pure fully porous spherical silica gel, using the unique phase-bonding technology of Hawach Scientific, bonding carbamoyl functional groups, through special surface modification technology, is very good. Its hydrophilicity and stability have a longer life than the amino column. It can effectively separate sugars, peptides, and low molecular weight polar compounds, and is the best choice for replacing the amino column in Hilic mode.

Amide HPLC Column Characteristics

  • Uniform pore size distribution and uniform hydrophilic polymer covering the surface of the silica gel enable efficient separation of highly polar and hydrophilic compounds;
  • It can be used as a column for hydrophobic interaction analysis and is widely used in the analysis of peptides, nucleotides, glycosides, and hydrophobic drugs;
  • A unique bonding process to ensure that the stationary phase is more stable in aqueous organic mobile phases;
  • Suitable for LC/MS analysis of water-soluble polar compounds.


  • Bonded phase: carbamoyl;
  • Aperture: 120Å;
  • Carbon load: 7%;
  • Particle size: 3μm, 5μm;
  • Sealing: no closure;
  • Specific surface area: 320m2/g;
  • pH stability: 1.5 to 10.0.

Technical Data

Bonded PhaseUSP NoParticle size (μm)Pore sizeSurface Area (m2/g)Carbon
pH RangeEnd-capped
HILIC Amide/5 μm120320 7%2.0-8.0No

Ordering Information

Item NoDescriptionPackage (pcs/pk)
SLHHA546100HILIC Amide, 5μm, 120Å, 4.6*100mm1
SLHHA546150HILIC Amide, 5μm, 120Å, 4.6*150mm1
SLHHA546250HILIC Amide, 5μm, 120Å, 4.6*250mm1
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