Diol HPLC Column

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, Diol, 5μm, 7.8×300mm
Wavelength: 276nm
Temperature: acid=65/20/15 30°C
Flow Rate: 0.5mL/min

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Description of Diol HPLC Column

The stationary phase of the Diol HPLC column is based on ultra-pure fully porous spherical silica gel, using the unique phase-bonding technology unique to the company, using organic compounds containing 1,2-dihydroxypropyl functional groups and Silane bonding.

Diol (diol-based) HPLC column is suitable for most normal phase chromatography applications, and can also be used as a stationary phase of hydrophilic interaction chromatography for the separation of peptides, proteins, and polar drug molecules, as well as organic acids and The separation of its oligomers. It can replace most of the diol-based liquid chromatography columns on the market.

Diol HPLC Columns Characteristics

  • Relative to the silica gel column and the amino column, it is a positive phase column with much better stability and reproducibility;
  • Improvements based on pure silica provide better selectivity and chromatographic peaks for some compounds;
  • Unique bonding process to ensure the stability of the stationary phase structure;
  • The strict process ensures excellent batch and batch reproducibility;
  • High efficiency and long service life


  • Bonded phase: dihydroxy or diol;
  • Particle size: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm;
  • Aperture: 120Å;
  • Specific surface area 320m²/g;
  • Carbon load: 2.5%;
  • Sealing: no closure;
  • pH stability: 1.5 to 10.0.

Hawach has many years of experience in the production of laboratory consumables and equipment, a good market reputation, and a professional sales and technical service team. The diol HPLC column price is favorable, and with its excellent performance in the experiment, it has won the recognition of customers all over the world.

Technical Data

Bonded PhaseUSP NoParticle size (μm)Pore sizeSurface Area (m²/g)Carbon
pH RangeEnd-capped

Ordering Information

Item NoDescriptionPackage (pcs/pk)
SLHDI32130Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x30mm1
SLHDI32133Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x33mm1
SLHDI32150Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x50mm1
SLHDI32175Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x75mm1
SLHDI321100Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x100mm1
SLHDI321125Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x125mm1
SLHDI321150Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x150mm1
SLHDI33030Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x30mm1
SLHDI33050Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x50mm1
SLHDI33075Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x75mm1
SLHDI330100Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x100mm1
SLHDI330125Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x125mm1
SLHDI330150Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x150mm1
SLHDI330200Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x200mm1
SLHDI330250Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x250mm1
SLHDI34030Diol, 3μm, 120Å, 4.0x30mm1
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