://C1 HPLC Columns

C1 HPLC Columns

1. The reversed-phase mode can be used for separation of hydrophobic peptide and protein
2. Normal-phase mode can be used for separation of high polar compounds



Description of C1 HPLC Columns

C1 HPLC columns are made of ultra-pure silica gel, unique stationary phase bonding technology. High column efficiency, good peak shape symmetry, wide pH range.

Characteristics of C1 HPLC Columns

Hydrophobic interaction forces dominate and remain lower than other reversed-phase columns;
It can elute highly hydrophobic compounds in a short time;
Better separation of hydrophilic compounds than other reversed-phase columns under suitable mobile phase conditions;
It is suitable for separating samples with strong polarity and general reverse phase column or normal phase column.


Bonded phase: C1 (USP L13)
Particle size: 3μm, 5μm
Aperture: 120Å,
Specific surface area: 320m²/g (120Å)
Carbon loading: 4% (120Å)
Sealing: Double tailing
PH stability: 1.5-10.0

New column activation

Rinse with 80% methanol 0.5ml/min for 4 hours, then change to analyze mobile phase equilibrium; if mobile phase;
Contains buffer salts, please use the transitional mobile phase transition and then analyze the mobile phase balance.

Technical Data

Bonded Phase USP No Particle size (μm) Pore size Surface Area (m2/g) Carbon
pH Range End-capped
C1 L13 5μm 120Å 320 4%  1.5-10 Yes

Ordering Information

Item No Description Package (pcs/pk)
SLHC1546250 HPLC Column, C1, 5μm, 120Å, 4.6x250mm 1
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