Precautions During the Use of RP-HPLC Columns

When storing the column, the column should be filled with acetonitrile or methanol, and the column joint should be tightened to prevent the solvent from evaporating and drying. It is absolutely forbidden to leave the buffer solution in the HPLC columns for an overnight or longer period of time.

During the use of reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC column, if the pressure increases, the sintering filter may be blocked, the filter should be replaced or removed for cleaning; the other may be macromolecule In the column of the human column, the stigma is contaminated; When the column efficiency decreases or the column peak deforms, the column head may collapse and the dead volume increases.

The HPLC columns are often cleaned with strong solvents to remove residual impurities in the column. During cleaning, the displacement of the mobile phase in the channel system should be gradually transferred to the miscible solvent. The volume of each mobile phase is about 20 times the volume of the column, that is, 50-75 mL is required for routine analysis.