Operation and Tips for Management of HPLC Columns

Operation of HPLC Columns

In daily separation analysis, it is significant to properly use column, or the service life of the column efficiency of it can be directly affected. In the course of column loading, unloading or replacement, strong mechanical vibration should be prevented so as not to produce gaps in the column bed.

If the column is used for routine analysis, a special column may be arranged for each kind of conventional analysis to prolong the life of the column.

Additionally, avoid sharp changes in pressure and temperature, because the sudden temperature will affect the filing condition of the column and urge the packing in the column. And the rotation of the valve should not be too slow when the valve is injected.

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Tips for management of HPLC Columns

Generally speaking, Hawach HPLC columns cannot recoil, only when the producer indicates that the column can recoil, the impurities left in the column can be removed by recoil.

Otherwise, the recoil will quickly reduce the column performance. It the pressure increases in the operation process, the firing filter may be blocked, the filter should be replaced or removed for cleaning.