Material and Maintenance of HPLC Columns

The system of an HPLC column is composed of a liquid, a reservoir, a pump, a sampler, a column, a detector and a recorder.

The packing material of HPLC columns

The packing material has high carbon content, small surface polarity, very low chemical purity and high surface separation efficiency. Therefore, it avoids the adverse tail dragging phenomenon caused by the reaction with acid silicon hydroxyl group in the analysis of alkaline samples.

Maintenance of HPLC columns

The reversed phase column can be stored in methanol or acetonitrile. The positive phase column can be stored in n-ethane after dehydration treatment. The ion exchange column can be stored in water containing 5% methanol or 0.05% sodium azide, and the plugs at both ends of the chromatographic column can be blocked to avoid drying.

Matters needing attention of HPLC columns

When installing the chromatographic column, the direction of the mobile phase flow path should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the label of the column.
The general pH range is 2 ~ 8.
HPLC columns should be handled with care.
All organic solvents used in the mobile phase shall be purified by chromatography.