Management and Maintenance of HPLC Columns

Hawach Scientific adheres to the principles of good faith, efficiency, and fairness to serve customers, and commit to the strictest quality standard in the production of HPLC Columns.

Hawach provides customers with various types and required HPLC Columns. Different batches and different columns all have good reproducibility, excellent separation effect and retention time. AR series can realize the function of the water column and phenyl column on the basis of C18. Compared with other current columns, Hawach columns have better performance in the analysis of complex alkaline compounds.

Management and maintenance of HPLC columns

Correct use and maintenance of PHLC columns are very important, a little carelessness will reduce the column efficiency, shorten the service life and even damage. In the course of HPLC operation, it is necessary to avoid the direct mechanical impact or fall of the chromatographic column and the degradation of the performance of the chromatographic column.

And never store columns with buffers or complex reagents, avoid sharp changes in pressure and temperature and any mechanical vibration. After each work, it is best to rinse with eluent with strong eluting ability.

High Quality HPLC Columns
High Purity HPLC Columns

Usage of HPLC Columns

HPLC Column produced by Hawach Scientific is widely applied in the analysis of chemical drugs, biochemistry and clinical because of its high separation efficiency, fast analysis speed, good detection sensitivity, and can analyze different thermo-unstable physiological active substances with high boiling point and without vaporization.

In order to regulate the use and maintenance of HPLC column and guarantee the analysis quality of HPLC, Hawach makes an endeavor to improve column performance evaluation, information accumulation of application range and recipient and return management. Besides, Hawach columns are good choice for customers with easily controlled temperature, increased sensitivity and saved mobile phase.

Installation of HPLC Column

HPLC Column marketed by Hawach Scientific provides with excellent separation ability especially for the compounds with strong interaction with silica gel’s surface. There are some suggestions for your installation. First of all, confirm whether the joint of the column and the instrument are good matches.

And it is recommended to install protective columns for samples with complex analysis. Besides, the nuts and conical joints matching the HPLC column interface should be used as far as possible, which is good for achieving the best connection effect between the HPLC column and the instrument system. When tightens joints, it is better to tighten gently, or leakproofness may be affected.

China HPLC Cloumns Supplier
China HPLC Cloumn

Improvements of HPLC Column

HPLC Column is an important separation and analysis technology in chemistry, medicine, industry, agriculture and so on. Aiming at solving the demanding problems occurred on pressure, peak shape and retention, Hawach HPLC column determines the cause and finds methods to overcome it as follows.

For backpressure problems, Hawach uses column protection to guard columns and in-line filters and takes appropriate column flushing and filter buffered mobile phase. Those steps can well prevent back pressure problems. Additionally, peak shape issues such as split peaks, peak tailing, broad peaks, and poor efficiency are greatly avoided in Hawach’s HPLC column.