Learn the Nature of The Sample, Choose the Right HPLC Column

Widely used in pharmaceuticals, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is found a very effective way to determine the assay and related substances in drug substances. The scientists use them for the components’ separation of the mixed drug substance.

HPLC column is always playing an important role when you separate different compounds because of the stationary phase in its column. The sample will pass through the column with the mobile phase, and its components will be separated when coming out from the other end of the column.

Acting as a carrier in the separating process, the mobile phase will be pumped into the system by the mechanical pumps. After that, the sample will be led into the mobile phase in the column at a fixed flow speed.
HPLC Columns
When you put a mixture of the compound into the column, the compounds will be separated upon its basis of polarity. If the stationary phase is non-polar, a polar compound will be eluted first, as the non-polar compounds are attracted by the mobile phase.

According to the different column types, the stationary phase can be polar or non-polar particles. We can figure out which one is the right choice after we learn the nature of the sample we are going to analyze.

Hawach HPLC Autosampler Vials, Always Protect Against Your Sample Loss‎

For the scientists who use the chromatography vials in the lab, the vial might be just is a temporary little container that can hold a sample for a while, and then the sample can be analyzed by chromatography process safely. Yes, it is totally true, but if you choose the right vial and use it properly, you can find it can be a big help for you to get the results from your application as accurately as possible.

You can find Hawach vials for HPLC in the group of different diameter and height of the vial. The factors of both clear glass and amber glass are highly inert, but Amber glass can avoid exposure to UV light, and protect the samples which have sensitive nature. The vials are primarily used to inject samples from an autosampler, so the 2 mL vials are used more generally. During the injection process, the autosampler needle can pierce through the cap of the vials and withdraws the sample in the required amount from the vials.

From the material in the caps to the high-quality USP1 and Borosilicate glass for the vial, HAWACH continuously addresses every detail that can deliver gains for you. You can find a big range of HPLC autosampler vials and the accessories just the right solution to store and protect your samples.