Introduction of HPLC Column from Hawach

Hawach Scientific sorts HPLC out of two series which are Xchroma and Echroma. Xchroma columns possess many complete types of stationary phase(23 in total) with reliable qualities, while another one is cheaper among lower prices.

HPLC column is a separate analysis technology developed in the late 1960s and is an important means of modern separation and determination. It is widely used in biochemistry, drug, and clinical analysis because of its high separation efficiency, fast analysis speed, good detection sensitivity, and ability to analyze high-boiling but not vaporizable thermo-labile physiologically active substances.


Such as CN HPLC Columns, Phenyl HPLC Columns, Silica HPLC Column, and other HPLC Columns, the system of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns consists of a reservoir, a pump, an injector, a column, a detector, a recorder, and the like.

Working principle

The high-pressure pump drives the mobile phase in the reservoir into the system and the sample solution enters the mobile phase via the sample injector and is flowed to the stationary phase.

Since the components in the sample solution have different partition coefficients in the two phases, each component produces a large difference in moving speed, after repeated multiple adsorption-desorption processes, during the relative motion in the two phases.

Thus they are separated into individual components and sequentially flowed out of the column. When passing through the detector, the sample concentration is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the recorder, and the data is printed in the form of a graph.

Essential Technical Parameters

HPLC Column

Naming Rule

It consists of the item number, description, and package(pcs/pk).
For instance, SLHC18A32310 stands for C18 Aqueous HCLP column from Hawach with a particle size of 3um, an inner diameter of 2.1mm, and a column length of 130mm.

About Guard Columns

Since HPLC columns can be broken by congestion, some labs especially install a guard column before HPLC to protect it and expand the usage span.