Installation of HPLC Columns

HPLC columns are manufactured and tested to exacting standards. If you use and maintain a liquid chromatography column with the following information, you will not only get better results but also extend the life of your HPLC column.

Installation of HPLC columns:
1. First, check that the column and instrument connections and piping are matched. In order to reduce the dead volume, the inner diameter of the connecting pipe between the injection valve, the column, and the detector should be as small as possible, and the length of the connecting line between the injector, the HPLC column, and the detector should be controlled. Before installing the LC column, verify that the solvent in the flow path system is normal. It is recommended to install a guard column for more complex samples.

2. In order to achieve the best connection between the HPLC column and the instrument system, the nut and tapered joint matching the LC column interface should be used as much as possible. For example, the original joint is long-term matched with other types of LC columns. Check the match before connecting the new HPLC columns to avoid damage to the HPLC column or leakage due to the mismatch in the HPLC column.

3. the use of PEEK material universal joints, only need to hand tighten without the need for a specific wrench, the use of pressure is 5000psi; the use temperature must not exceed 100 °C.