HPLC Column Characteristics

HPLC columns are widely used in many fields, whose column efficiency, capacity, permeability characteristics, and service life are very important. After using for a period of time, there will be changes such as column pressure increase, column efficiency decrease, etc. If no measures are taken, the service life of HPLC columns will be shortened, the working efficiency will be affected, and some economic losses will be caused.

Features of HPLC columns
1. Suitable for separation;
2. Enhance retention ability;
3. Unique selectivity and excellent separation degree;
4. Suitable for the analysis of acid and alkali compounds.

The purity of silica gel is crucial for the quality of HPLC columns because silica gel with a smooth surface and uniform pore size have higher mechanical strength and better permeability, which are necessary conditions for extending the service life of the chromatographic column.

Selectivity and separation degree of HPLC columns
Under the condition of the same specific surface area, the higher the carbon load of the chromatographic column, the higher the bonding phase density, the stronger the selectivity and separation degree of the complex mixed samples will be.