://How to Use and Maintain Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns(1)

How to Use and Maintain Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns(1)

(1) When loading and unloading or replacing the HPLC columns, the action should be light and the joint should be tightened properly. Strong mechanical vibration must be prevented to avoid voids in the bed.

(2) If the instrument is used for routine analysis, the sample type is limited, but the number of analyses is large, it is possible to configure a special column for each type of routine analysis, which helps to extend the life of the column.

(3) Avoid sudden changes in pressure and temperature and any mechanical shock. Sudden changes in temperature or dropping the column from a height will affect the filling condition in the column; a sudden increase or decrease in HPLC columns pressure will also impede the packing in the column, so it should be slowed when adjusting the flow rate when the valve is injected. The rotation of the valve cannot be too slow.

(4) The composition of the solvent should be gradually changed, especially in reversed-phase chromatography, and should not be changed directly from organic solvent to all water, and vice versa.

(5) When using the HPLC column temperature control device, it should be noted that the temperature can be raised after the mobile phase is passed.

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