How To Solve The Leakage Of HPLC Column?

1. Leakage at joint
Generally, it can be solved by tightening, cleaning and replacement.

2. Pump leakage
Check whether the one-way valve and joint are loose, if loose and tightened (not too tight), check whether the seal of mixer and pump is damaged;

3. Leakage of injection valve
Check whether the rotor and seal of the injection valve are loose, tighten if loose, check whether the waste liquid pipe is blocked or siphoned, dredge or replace the waste liquid pipe, and keep the waste liquid pipe higher than the waste liquid level.

4. Leakage of HPLC column
The tail end joint is loose and tightened; there are fillers in the clamp sleeve, remove the clamp sleeve, clean the clamp sleeve and re-install it; the sieve plate thickness is not appropriate, and replace the appropriate sieve plate.

5. Detector leakage
Check whether the gaskets and windows of the circulation pool are damaged, replace the gaskets or windows; check whether the circulation pool is blocked, replaced or reinstalled; check whether the waste liquid pipe is blocked and replace the waste liquid pipe.