How to  Select the Right HPLC Column?

High-performance liquid chromatography, as we called it “HPLC” has been developed and refined by scientists since the 1960s. We can find ten thousand different HPLC columns from different manufacturers in the market. The selection of specific columns almost solves every separation problem. it’s important to know how to select the right HPLC column as well.

Most HPLC columns are made of steel which is pressure-resistant and relatively inert to corrosion. For better results, the inside of a column should not have roughness, scoring, or micro-porous structures.

Silica gel is a kind of popular base material in HPLC. The Silica HPLC columns can be used in the pH range from 1 to 8. Besides the mechanical stability, the advantage of silica gel is a low-cost and simple compound.

HPLC Columns
High Purity HPLC Columns

Hawach provides an empty HPLC Column and stationary phase with a full range of materials available to match your needs. You can find C18 Universal/ low PH/ Aqueous, C8 Universal/C8 low PH/Aqueous/Fluorine, Phenyl, SCX, CN, NH2, SiO2, Diol, Polar-RP, HILIC Amide HPLC Column, etc.

As we all know, all the HPLC columns are a precision product, if we cared for them properly, they will provide excellent performance, reproducibility, and column lifetime. There are some recommendations designed to guide customers in the care and use of columns. Every HPLC column is individually packed and tested to guarantee high column quality, verify the column for physical damage once you received it, and test the column immediately to check performance and quality. The warranty period begins upon receipt of the column. Any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

High-performance liquid chromatography is a very powerful tool in analysis. It is a technique in analytic chemistry used to separate and analyze the components of a mixture, to identify and quantify each component. Chromatography performance relies on the whole system, not only the column. However, the column is an essential part of it and needs your quiet attention.

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HPLC Column cleaning

Because of the interaction between the sample components and the stationary phase, HPLC columns generally need cleaning or regenerating. When you clean the column, you need to use a stronger solvent than your mobile phase. Choose reversed-solvent and for analytical columns, use more than 25 ml of each solvent.

Column problem of HPLC Column

1. Pressure
2. Peak shape
3. Retention

Problems may happen during use. You can check the pressure with or without a column. Many problems may happen, because of blockages in the system or the guard. Once we make sure that the column pressure is high, we need to wash the column, backflush the column, or change the frit. And remember don’t over-tighten when changing frit.