How to Choose HPLC Column?

Firstly, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a suitable HPLC column. Here are as followed:

(1) Choose a stationary phase and make a careful determination according to the selectivity, polarity and phenyl content in the stationary phase molecule.
(2) It is necessary to understand how the HPLC column diameter affects column efficiency, solute retention value, column head pressure, and carrier gas velocity.
(3) Determining the length of the HPLC column will affect the retention value of solute, the column head pressure, and cost.
(4) Starting from the upper limit of column capacity, inertia, loss, and temperature, the difference between thin and thick liquid membrane Pcolumns were correctly evaluated.

Secondly, to select HPLC columns, it is necessary to determine whether the packed column or the capillary column is to be used first.
The packed column has a higher sample capacity than the capillary column, although this gap has been greatly reduced by HP’s invention of 530 mm macroporous capillary.

Improvements in detector sensitivity also reduce the need for large doses of samples. The analysis of gas samples is an area where packed columns may have advantages. In modern liquid chromatography, the separation effect depends largely on the choice of chromatographic fillers.