Guidance and Maintenance of HPLC Columns

The packing material of HPLC columns

The packing material has high carbon content, small surface polarity, very low chemical purity and high surface separation efficiency. Therefore, it avoids the adverse tail dragging phenomenon caused by the reaction with acid silicon hydroxyl group in the analysis of alkaline samples.

Guidance of HPLC columns

HPLC column provided by Hawach Scientific is individually packed and tested to ensure outstanding column quality, and every column is supplied with relative operating parameters and test chromatogram. It can be operated at any flow rate only if it is consistent with the backpressure limitations.

Besides, it provides quicker separation for similar compounds by one column and excellent column performance with most HPLC instruments. Unique bonding and end-capping technology guarantees average sample size and pore size which greatly improves flow rate. Extraordinary peak shape and high peak volume make it suitable for the analysis of samples or compounds in different conditions.

HPLC Columns
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HPLC Columns

If you use Hawach HPLC column, Such as ODS C18 HPLC Column, Phenyl-Ether HPLC Columns, C1 HPLC Column, Amino Acid HPLC Column, C30 HPLC Column, C18 Low pH HPLC Column, NH2 HPLC Column, and other HPLC Columns, you should know how to maintenance the column.

Maintenance of HPLC Columns

Hawach has established the complete operating procedure for the management and maintenance of HPLC columns, which is beneficial to keep performance and prolong the lifetime of columns.

Hawach HPLC columns are all tested to verify quality and performance, and shipped in the testing solvent to avoid physical damage. When not in use, the HPLC column should be washed out with a suitable solvent or combination of solvents, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, never store columns with buffers or iron-pairing reagents, and better store in dehydrated n-Hexane or isopropanol.

After being used for some time, it is easy for the HPLC column to get contaminated, which will reduce the column efficiency to some extent. There are two appropriate methods to extend their service life. The first method is to conduct the pre-treatment of the samples and the mobile phase.

In order to remove the insoluble matter in the dissolved samples and impurities in the mobile phase, to install a filter in the front end of the mobile phase’s infusion tube is required if necessary. The filter should be periodically cleaned with methanol. Another method is to use a pre-column for the HPLC columns, which could prevent the impurities in the sample from contaminating the analytical column. Due to the large injection volume, it’s also crucial for the preparative column to use a pre-column as well.

It is of great importance to keep the good performance of the HPLC column during the use of high-performance liquid chromatography as its core and dispensable component. To reach this goal, two aspects should be noticed carefully.

The reversed phase column can be stored in methanol or acetonitrile. The positive phase column can be stored in n-ethane after dehydration treatment. The ion exchange column can be stored in water containing 5% methanol or 0.05% sodium azide, and the plugs at both ends of the chromatographic column can be blocked to avoid drying.

Storage for HPLC Column

It is necessary to label the HPLC columns, such as the initial date, specification, model, the solutions inside, etc. In this way, it will be more convenient for operators to use and track. The HPLC column is better to be examined every two months, especially for those that are used less frequently. Certainly, each time the maintenance record shall be kept well. For the columns that have indeed failed, it is still essential to make a record of deactivation and store them with caution rather than discarding them carelessly.

Matters needing attention of HPLC columns

When installing the chromatographic column, the direction of the mobile phase flow path should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the label of the column.
The general pH range is 2 ~ 8.
HPLC columns should be handled with care.
All organic solvents used in the mobile phase shall be purified by chromatography.