Guidance And Maintenance Of HPLC Columns

Guidance of HPLC Columns

HPLC column provided by Hawach Scientific is individually packed and tested to ensure outstanding column quality, and every column is supplied with relative operating parameters and test chromatogram. It can be operated at any flow rate only if it is consistent with the backpressure limitations.

Besides, it provides quicker separation for similar compounds by one column and excellent column performance with most HPLC instruments. Unique bonding and end-capping technology guarantees average sample size and pore size which greatly improves flow rate. Extraordinary peak shape and high peak volume make it suitable for the analysis of samples or compounds in different conditions.

HPLC Columns
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HPLC Columns

Maintenance of HPLC Columns

Hawach has established the complete operating procedure for the management and maintenance of HPLC columns, which is beneficial to keep performance and prolong the lifetime of columns.

Hawach HPLC columns are all tested to verify quality and performance, and shipped in the testing solvent to avoid physical damage. When not in use, the HPLC column should be washed out with a suitable solvent or combination of solvents, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, never store columns with buffers or iron-pairing reagents, and better store in dehydrated n-Hexane or isopropanol.