Considerations for Using an HPLC Column

Before using HPLC Columns, samples should be pretreated. First, the mobile phase is used to dissolve the sample. Next, the pretreated column is used to remove impurities from the sample. Finally, a 0.45μm filter membrane is used to remove particulate impurities.
Balance of HPLC Columns
The reversed-phase column is stored in acetonitrile/water after factory testing. Make sure you use the mobile phase and acetonitrile/water is mutually soluble.
Because HPLC Columns may be dried out in the process of storage or transportation, should use 10-20 times column volume of methanol or acetonitrile to balance chromatographic column before analyzing samples.
Using HPLC Columns, the mobile phase adjustment principle
1. From strong to weak;
2. Triple rule;
3. From coarse tuning and fine tuning.
Increase the column efficiency of HPLC column
1. Increase the column temperature;
2. Reduce the inner diameter of the column;
3. Shorten the corresponding time of detector;
4. Reduce the volume outside the column;
5. Use ultra-pure silica gel;
6. Use of high-energy deuterium lamps;
7. Change PH of mobile phase.