Composition and Performance of HPLC Column

Introduction of HPLC Column

HPLC column provided by Hawach Scientific is suitable for separation and analysis of polarity and aromatic compound, and it is fit for use with most HPLC instruments such as Agilent, Biotage, Grace and so on. It uses only the highest purity chemicals and reagents, thus columns can be operated at any flow rate that is consistent with the backpressure limitations and is provided the highest efficiency for samples.

Besides, it adopts ultra-pure silica gel as the matrix and carries on the complete double-end bonding process, which guarantees high durability, good reproducibility, excellent separation rate, and pressure.

Composition of HPLC Column

HPLC column consists of a column tube, packing cap, ferrule, screen plate, joint, screw, etc. The column joints at both ends of the chromatographic column are equipped with sieve plates, which can effectively prevent leakage of filler. Additionally, column tube is made of stainless steel, thick-walled glass or quartz tube, and the inner wall of the pipe has a high finish after multiple-time polishing, which improves the column efficiency and reduces the wall effect.

HPLC columns can be divided into analytical type and preparation type according to their use, and the dimensions and specifications are also different. It can meet diverse needs.

Performance of HPLC Column

HPLC Column sold by Hawach Scientific adopts excellent double end-capping technology and high-quality materials. There are some obvious merits about it, such as excellent separation rate and pressure, high mechanical strength and high specific surface area, etc. In addition, ultra-dense bonding and double-ended ensure long life, average pore size makes well flow rate, and ultra-inertness reduces the influence of raw material silicone. In practical operation, perfect peak shape and high peak volume can greatly improve work efficiency and avoid resource waste.

Excellent bonding phase stability is good for separation of the compound and interaction with samples. And a wide range of pH prolongs the service life of the column. Concretely speaking, HPLC Column provided by our company is easy to develop or improve your HPLC method, and quicker separation for similar compounds by one column.

After-sale service of HPLC Column

Each HPLC column is individually packed and tested to ensure outstanding column quality, the warranty period begins upon receipt of the column, if you have any questions regarding the column operation or the column quality, or if there are signs of damage, contact your local distributor immediately. We will at your service all the time.