Common Types of HPLC Columns

Depending on the packing of the HPLC column. The following HPLC column types are available on the market:

1. Silica gel HPLC column: Silica gel is the earliest chromatographic column packing used in liquid chromatography. Silica gel is a common HPLC column in most HPLC column types. It has a wide range of applications. However, it can only be used under the condition of pH 2.0-7.5, and the use temperature must be less than 60 degrees.

2. Chemically bonded stationary phase HPLC column

2.1 Non-polar bonded HPLC columns: the most widely used HPLC columns C1 to C22. Among them, C18 is the most commonly used non-polar reversed-phase column, and it has a wide range of applications and the separation effect is good.

2.2 Polar-bonded HPLC column: commonly used amino (NH2) HPLC column, cyano (CN) HPLC column, diol group (DIOL), ion HPLC column

2.2.1 The selectivity of the amino column first appears as a strong hydrogen bonding ability, then in the acidic medium, the weak anion exchange, the tertiary amine and the hydroxyl of the grain interact, using acetonitrile: water system It is possible to separate a flash monosaccharide, a disaccharide, a polysaccharide, and the like.
XChroma HPLC Columns HPLC Columns XChroma HPLC Column
2.2.2 The separation characteristics of the cyano column are similar to those of the silica gel HPLC column, but the polarity is relatively weak. The advantage is that the gradient elution or the composition of the mobile phase changes rapidly.

2.2.3 The diol-based bonding HPLC column is generally a hydrolysis product of a glycerol-oxypropylsilane-bonded phase, which has a good separation effect on organic acids and certain high polymers and can also be used for the water volume of certain proteins.

3. Polymer ball column.

4. A column coated with a polymer.

5. A column of a particulate porous carbon filler.

6. According to all the carrier materials are divided into three types of HPLC column:
(1) Silicone HPLC column types: high mechanical strength, easy to make small particles, high theoretical plate number.
(2) Polytype types of columns in HPLC: stable over a wide range of pH values.
(3) Hydroxyapatite types of HPLC column: It has special selectivity for biopolymer samples such as proteins.

7. Divided according to the separation method:
(1) Normal phase: SIL–phospholipid, NH–sugar, vitamin E, CN–steroid hormone.
(2) Inversion: ODS (C18), (C8 CN TMS Pheny1) low molecular weight compound.
(3) Ion exchange and the like.

8. Classified by size:
(1) Preparation: 30 mm 50 mm inner diameter, semi-prepared: 20 mm inner diameter.
(2) Analysis: Standard column: 4-8 mm inner diameter.
Flash column: 3 mm inner diameter, 5 cm long, 4.6 mm inner diameter.
Small aperture column: 2.5mm inner diameter, micro-aperture column 1mm inner diameter.