C8 HPLC Columns

C8 HPLC columns are used to isolate many organic compounds, which are one of the reversed phase silica gel columns.

The maintenance of C8 HPLC columns requires organic solvents. Chromatographic grade methanol is recommended and different brands of chromatographic columns should be treated differently. If the chromatographic column is stored after use and will not be used for a long time, it still needs to be saturated when reused.

Warning for using C8 HPLC columns

It is necessary to ensure that the column bed does not dry up, especially in the process of sample injection detection and column washing. Otherwise, the column will dry up and a large number of bubbles will be brought in, and even cause the column bed local collapse or central cracking.

The difference between C8 HPLC columns and C18 HPLC columns

C8 is suitable for the analysis of substances with slightly stronger polarity in weakly polar substances, and C18 is suitable for the analysis of substances with weaker polarity in weakly polar substances, but the difference is not particularly obvious. Generally, substances that can be analyzed by C8 HPLC columns can also be separated by C18.