C18 HPLC Column Should Pay Attention to the Following Matters During Use

During the use of C18 HPLC column, the following matters must be noted.
1. Before using a C18 HPLC column, it must be washed with methanol or acetonitrile reagent at a low flow rate of 20 times column volume. The effect is to fully wet the stationary phase and thoroughly stretch the carbon chain to make the performance of the column better. status. The specific operation is: after rinsing 65% acetonitrile/water, connect the inlet end of the column to the chromatograph, and vent the outlet end (do not connect the detector to avoid contamination of the detector). Dry the diluted solution in the column at a low flow rate between 0.1ml/min and 0.5ml/min. After 20 minutes, connect the detector to the detector at a flow rate of 1.0ml/min for 2~8 hours.

2. After the liquid chromatograph is tested and analyzed, the c18 high performance liquid chromatography column must be washed. Especially when the mobile phase contains acid or salt, it is necessary to rinse the acid or salt in the c18 liquid chromatography column. It is usually recommended to wash 20 times column volume with 10% methanol-water;

3. If the C18 HPLC column is in a long-term idle state, the column should be thoroughly rinsed. It is recommended to rinse for 3-4 hours or more and then stored in the pure organic reagent or the high proportion of organic reagent solution.