About the Structure and Working Principle of HPLC Columns


High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column consists of a tube, pressure cap, seal ring, filter, joint, screw, and the like. The column tube is made of stainless steel and hick-walled glass or quartz tube can also be used when the pressure is no more than 70 kg/cm2. The inner wall of the tube requires a high degree of finish.

The column joints at both ends are equipped with sieve plates, which are sintered stainless steel or titanium alloy with a pore size of 0.2~20µm (5~10 µm) which depends on the particle size of the filler.

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Working principle

HPLC column uses a high-pressure infusion pump to pump the mobile phase, such as a single solvent with different polarities, a mixed solvent of different proportions or buffer solution into a column packed with a stationary phase.

Then inject the sample to be tested through the injection valve, which is taken into the column by the mobile phase. The components in the column are separated into the detector, and the chromatographic signal is recorded by a recorder, an integrator or a chromatographic workstation.