About the New Features of Hawach HPLC Columns

Conventional C18 HPLC columns are operated under high-water mobile phase conditions for a long time, and the phenomenon of “column collapse” often occurs, causing the retention time and resolution of the analyte to drop sharply. The Hawach HPLC column is based on high-purity silica gel and is produced by a unique polar modification technology. By introducing polar groups, the surface is more easily wetted by water, thus effectively avoiding this phenomenon. In addition, Hawach HPLC columns perform equally well under high organic mobile phases, which can accelerate the desolvation process in LC-MS testing, thereby effectively improving the detection sensitivity of LC-MS. The mobile phase of the Hawach HPLC column can be used from a 100% aqueous phase to 100% organic phase, making method development easier.
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Hawach HPLC columns not only retain the performance of traditional silica-based HPLC columns but also add some new features:
1. The surface of the packing has polar groups, suitable for separation under high water mobile phase conditions;
2. Enhanced retention of hydrophilic and polar compounds;
3. Unique selectivity and excellent resolution;
4. Reduce the interaction between basic compounds and residual silanol, and improve the symmetry of chromatographic peaks;
5. PH range 1.5-10, suitable for analysis of acid and alkali compounds.

Areas for Application

High-performance liquid chromatography is particularly suitable for the separation and analysis of macromolecules, high boiling point, strong polarity, thermal stability compounds, as well as biological activities and a variety of natural products, which make up for the deficiency of gas chromatography. In recent years, with the rise of life science, the effect of high-performance liquid chromatography is more obvious.

1. Change in retention time. The retention time may be changed due to the following reasons: if the column temperature change is large, it is required that the column be kept in a constant temperature state. If the isometric and gradient are not fully balanced, a mobile phase equilibrium column of at least 10 times the column volume is required. If the column is contaminated, rinse the column daily.

2. Reduction in retention time. When the flow rate increases, it is best to check the pump and reset the flow rate. When the sample is overloaded, it is better to reduce the sample quantity.

3. Extension in retention time. When the flow rate drops, it may be pipeline leakage, at this time, it is best to replace the pump seal ring and remove the pump bubble. When the active point on the silica gel column changes, it is better to use a mobile phase modifier, such as triethylamine, or use alkali to purify the column.

4. The appearance of acromion or bifurcation. When the sample volume is too large, it is better to use the mobile matching sample, and the total sample volume is set to less than 15% of the first peak. When the column collapses or forms a short-circuit channel, it is better to replace the column with a weaker corrosive condition.