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Uniform pore size distribution
A unique bonding process to ensure that the stationary phase is more stable in aqueous organic mobile phases
Suitable for LC/MS analysis of water-soluble polar compounds.

Choose the Right Column

Before choosing a chromatographic column, it is important to understand your sample and impurities thoroughly, including their types, structures, polarity, acidity/basicity, molecular weight, etc.

If the sample is polar and weakly acidic, you can choose a C18 column for detection under 100% acidic aqueous conditions. This requires selecting a chromatographic column that can withstand 100% pure water and retains polar compounds well.

If the sample is too polar or highly acidic, you can choose CN, NH2, or silica gel columns, HILIC (hydrophilic chromatography), or use a combination of C18 with strong ion-pair reagents or strong ion exchange chromatography columns.

For alkaline samples, you can choose high-purity silica gel columns (which lack metal impurities and have end-capped silica gel) or some modified C18 columns (such as polar embedding or alkaline deactivation techniques). These options can reduce the tailing of alkaline compounds.

If alkaline compounds are highly polar or strongly alkaline, you can choose a wide pH range C18 chromatographic column for detection at high pH values.

HPLC Column Manufacturer – HAWACH

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, the “world-historic city”. The company always insists on serving customers with a win-win concept. While selling laboratory consumable products, it can also provide customized products according to customers' needs. Hawach's goal is to solve all the problems of customers in the field of laboratory consumables in one stop. Hawach actively responds to customer needs, competitive prices, high quality, and fast service quality, which enables our company to gain recognition from our customers in the laboratory consumables industry. Hawach will adhere to the business philosophy of "product refinement, service, and sincerity" and strive to build a first-class laboratory consumables company with international influence.
As an HPLC columns manufacturer, Hawach has a dynamic, high-quality sales team and a comprehensive technical and experienced after-sales service team; we will provide you with more application support. Closely track the development of the instrument, and continuously obtain service support for launching new accessories, and provide users with the best choice in terms of improving instrument use and saving costs.

Hawach Service

Technical Support:

Hawach offers technical support to help customers with their filtration needs. Their team of experts can provide guidance on selecting the right syringe filter for specific applications, troubleshooting filtration issues, and answering any technical questions related to their products.


Hawach understands that different applications may have unique requirements. They offer customization services to meet specific filtration needs. This may include customized pore sizes, membrane materials, or even filter housing designs, tailored to suit the customer’s specific application or preference.

Sample Testing and Evaluation:

For customers who are unsure about the most suitable syringe filter for their application, Hawach offers sample testing and evaluation services. Customers can send their samples to Hawach for testing, and their technical team will assess the samples and recommend the most appropriate syringe filter based on the filtration requirements.

OEM Service:

Hawach provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and private labeling services for their syringe filters. This allows customers to customize the product packaging with their own branding or specifications, providing a personalized solution for their filtration needs.

After-Sales Support:

Hawach aims to provide excellent customer service and support even after the purchase. They offer after-sales support to address any inquiries, concerns, or issues that customers may have regarding their syringe filters. This ensures a smooth experience and customer satisfaction.

Product Documentation and Certifications:

Hawach provides comprehensive product documentation, including product specifications, user manuals, and certificates of analysis. This ensures transparency and traceability of their syringe filters, meeting quality standards and regulatory requirements.

HPLC Columns

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Depending on the packing of the HPLC column. The following column types are available on the market: Silica gel HPLC column, chemically bonded stationary phase HPLC column...
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Precautions for the Use of HPLC Columns

Avoid sudden changes in pressure and temperature and any mechanical shock. Sudden changes in temperature or dropping the column from a height will affect the filling condition in the HPLC columns...
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What Are the Advantages of HPLC Column?

Compared with classical liquid chromatography, HPLC has the following advantages: Fast – usually analyze one sample at 15~30 min, and some samples can be completed in 5 min. High-sensitivity – UV detectors are up to 0.01 ng...
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Preservation and Regeneration of the HPLC Column

The preservation of the HPLC column. (1) Maintenance of the reversed-phase column after the daily experiment. (2) long-term preservation of the HPLC column...
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Property and Principle of Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Column

The properties of the reversed-phase filler are determined by the matrix and the substrate. the particle shape, size, pore size and pore size distribution of the matrix, specific surface...
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Application and Characteristics of HPLC Column

HPLC is the most widely used chromatographic method and widely used in almost every field of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The high-performance liquid chromatography...
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