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C18 Alkaline HPLC Columns
the peak shape of the alkaline substance is better
C8-Universal HPLC Columns
a thorough double-end bonding process
Amino Acid HPLC Columns
the derivative has good stability

HPLC Column Manufacturer – HAWACH

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, the “world-historic city”. The company always insists on serving customers with a win-win concept. While selling laboratory consumable products, it can also provide customized products according to customers' needs. Hawach's goal is to solve all the problems of customers in the field of laboratory consumables in one stop. Hawach actively responds to customer needs, competitive prices, high quality, and fast service quality, which enables our company to gain recognition from our customers in the laboratory consumables industry. Hawach will adhere to the business philosophy of "product refinement, service, and sincerity" and strive to build a first-class laboratory consumables company with international influence.
As an HPLC columns manufacturer, Hawach has a dynamic, high-quality sales team and a comprehensive technical and experienced after-sales service team; we will provide you with more application support. Closely track the development of the instrument, and continuously obtain service support for launching new accessories, and provide users with the best choice in terms of improving instrument use and saving costs.
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